Why I Love ThredUp

Over the past few years, as I have transitioned from work to home, I’ve looked for ways to stretch our budget. The only problem is that when it comes to buying clothes I noticed that the cheaper brands do not last long. Within a few times of wearing an item it definitely looks worn. It felt like I was throwing away money on poorly made clothes that I didn’t truly love.  I enjoy shopping at Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, and White House Black Market. But I also didn’t want to have to wait for an amazing sale before purchasing needed items.

Enter ThredUp, a $20 credit and a 40% off sale.

Of course, I had to buy something. A friend mentioned her success shopping ThredUp a few times and I was curious.  I like wearing nice clothes, even if I am going to be covered in snot, tears and pee by the end of the day. But with 3 kids and an ever-long list of home renovations, buying new clothes is not a huge priority in our budget.

I browsed the selection of clothes on ThredUp and was impressed at the wide array of items in my size from stores I love. Ok, honestly: I went into a complete frenzy of happiness. Beautiful clothes at amazing prices.

I placed an order and kept checking my package’s progress. A week later my polka dot box arrived and far surpassed my expectations. Not only were the items in like-new condition, 2 items still had the original tags from the Loft. The best part? They were a small fraction of what I would normally pay.

So if you need to update your wardrobe but also want to limit your spending, I highly recommend ThredUp. The selection, quality and free shipping for orders over $79 definitely makes it a good option. Plus there is nothing like shopping from the comfort of  home, after the kids are in bed.




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